Growing Camp means Growing Gear

Have you heard the news? Yes, it’s true our camper registration forms for our second year of camp (July 21st- July 25) have launched! (Find them here!)

We’ve  kicked it into high gear to make this year’s camp the best it can be. We are looking to grow camp from our 17 campers of last year, to 40 campers this year. And growing the number of campers we have this year means we have to grow our gear! 

Last year our amazing campers formed 5 bands, and it was only through the outpouring of generosity from our community that we had enough guitars, basses, keyboards and drum kits to help each of our fledgling artists preform their original songs for the first time. While some of the gear was donated to our organization other items were loaned out from working musicians for the week of camp.


Campers rocked out with a variety of gear loaned or donated from the Columbia musician community- like this crazy cool Mortal Kombat themed drum kit!

Hosting 40 campers means that this year we get to form 10 bands! So what do we need this year to help 40 campers rock all week long?

This year we will need:

10 keyboards
10 drum sets
10 electric guitars
10 bass guitars (preferably small scale for younger bands)
10 guitar amps
10 bass amps
We also want to make vocals easier in each room. To do so we will need:
10 mics
10 powered speakers with at least 2 inputs 
We need your help again this year to rock! Dust off that guitar that’s been sitting in the corner, grab that extra microphone and loan them to Girls Rock this summer. Email us at (addressed to Molly L) or find us at an upcoming event and let us know what gear you want to donate or loan to GRC.
Last year we had so many GRC friends and allies help loan, donate and move gear throughout the week, so many people pitched in, it proves that it takes a village to rock! Let us know how you want to help this year!
Let’s rock together this year.
Until then, rock on.  Love, Girls Rock. 
Camp consoler, Diana rocking out the Mortal Kombat kit during assembly at 2013's camp.

Camp consoler, Diana rocking out the Mortal Kombat kit during assembly at 2013’s camp.