Girls Rock and Your Mom

Applications are closed, and that means Girls Rock Columbia is even closer to rolling into  our second year of summer camp!

This year’s camp will take place on July 21st – July 25th. As you know, our one-week long day camp exists to foster a community of girls ages 8-17 through music, performance, and various workshops. The program specifically encourages an environment that cultivates self-confidence, challenges gender stereotypes, promotes positive female relationships, creativity, and leadership.

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on May 11th, we are asking our community to donate in honor of their mother, or a mother figure in their lives. Donate any amount between now and Mother’s Day and share your story with us about how a mother has touched your life.

At Girls Rock Columbia we seek to empower women through mentorship and by providing role models; something we believe all mothers provide. What better way to honor a mother in your life, than by sharing her amazing story with our young campers! 

Here’s a story from one of our organizers and music instructors, Molly, about her Mom and how she influenced her:

“My mom is the person who thought I should have a guitar. She put me on a path (around the time this photo was taken) that I have never left. This summer Girls Rock Columbia is going to be working with a lot more girls – we have grown! We are a volunteer army of ladies who want to help your daughters experience this thing that is getting up and playing your own song. We are going to need a lot of microphones and guitars and drums and more! This Mother’s Day, any donation you can make (in honor of a mom-figure who encouraged you to follow your dream), helps us keep inspiring each other.”

Molly and her Mom

Molly and her Mom

Make a donation online ( and share your story with us through social media.

Donate to Girls Rock Columbia in honor of your mom this week, make it your gift to her because camp will impart to our girls so many of the things that she has imparted to you, and to let her know how much she rocks.

Until next time, Rock On.


Girls Rock