Update Re: Coronavirus

Dear Friends of Girls Rock Columbia,

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of postponing our biggest fundraiser of the year, Rock Roulette. In accordance with the CDC’s latest recommendations for organizations and events, we are pressing pause on all of our events through the next eight weeks. Every major annual fundraising effort we have will be directly impacted by these postponements— Rock Roulette at New Brookland Tavern, our first-of-its-kind Rummage and Gear sale at Curiosity Coffee Bar, as well as our Midlands Gives events. 

The safety of our staff, volunteers, and community is our top priority, and we stand in solidarity with all of our fellow nonprofits and businesses who are making these difficult decisions to close in an effort to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We hope everyone who is able to will stay home and practice as much self-care as possible. 

This decision has been simultaneously a no-brainer and very difficult to make. As a nonprofit, we rely on donations to keep campers rocking. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and be flexible moving forward. In the meantime, if you are able, we are asking our supporters to consider giving a monthly sustaining gift or a gift of any amount through our website or via PayPal

Thank you for continuing to care and support one another as many of us make difficult decisions during this time.

With love, glitter, and solidarity,

Girls Rock Columbia

Girls Rock Columbia 2017 Camper Showcase

2017 Camp Workshop Proposal Form

Gear Drop Off: July 12 and 18

Hi Friends!

Our first gear drop off is this weekend!

There are two gear drop off dates this year:

Sunday, July 12, 2015
1501 Hyatt Ave, Columbia, SC 29203
2:00pm to 6:00pm

Saturday, July 18, 2015
Columbia College
1301 Columbia College Dr. Columbia, SC 29203
12:00pm to 2:00pm

If you’re not able to drop off or pick up on these days, PLEASE try to make arrangements for someone to do it for you. We have limited available volunteers, and this is the time of year where things get craaaaaazy, so it’s difficult for us to make alternate arrangements.

If your instrument/gear is a donation, please let us know when you drop it off so we can give you a huge high five!!


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at hello@ed6.349.myftpupload.com

Thank you again–YOU ROCK!

Hash It or Trash It

At Girls Rock Columbia, we work to provide a safe space where campers can explore their identities and express themselves–to recognize that these young women are real people with real ideas and, often, really strong feelings about those ideas. The question that frequently arises, then, is what do we do when those ideas and feelings that these girls express so powerfully clash? How does one make themselves heard while also maintaining the harmony of a happy, productive band?

Photo taken by Girls Rock Columbia camper

Photo taken by Girls Rock Columbia camper

To be a happy band, you have to be able to get along and accept other people’s ideas. If you disagree, you have to figure out a solution so you can stay in harmony. People don’t always agree and that is ok. One of the biggest challenges for all of us is to take a difficult situation and make it better.

By now, you probably know that Girls Rock camp is about more than music education. We want to empower girls and we feel super lucky if our guidance helps them reach their goals. At Girls Rock Columbia, we have a phrase:


Hash it or Trash it



Pretty simple, right? We think you should speak your mind, but we understand that you might be uncomfortable sharing your feelings. If you don’t want to express yourself, then accept the situation as it is and move on. No hard feelings. No whispers in the hallway. No rumors.

Conflict resolution is an important life skill. A wise person sees obstacles as something to overcome and not something to be limited by. The same goes for communication. We don’t allow other people the opportunity to really understand us, or to help us reach a solution, when we aren’t open about our struggles and our feelings. As girls and women, we are stronger when we are brave together.

Can you remember the last time you were really upset by someone? What did you do about it? Maybe Hash it or Trash it will help you next time.

What Are We Putting Up?

On June 17, 2015, nine people were murdered in Emanuel A.M.E. church in a racially-motivated terrorist act. In the wake of this tragedy, there has been a widespread call for legislators to take down the confederate flag, an emblem that many feel represents systematic racism and oppression, from the statehouse lawn.

As this historic moment nears, we must remind ourselves that this is but a single step–neither the first nor the last.  As the confederate flag comes down, what are we raising in its stead?

There is so much work left to be done. We must learn the stories of our past in order to  grow from our history. We must embrace the diversity of our community and champion the dignity and worth of all citizens. We must fight injustice in all of its incarnations.

Over 1,500 people unite for an anti-flag rally at the South Carolina State House on Sunday, June 21, 2015

Over 1,500 people unite for an anti-flag rally at the South Carolina State House on Sunday, June 21, 2015. Photo courtesy of Jenni Brennison

At Girls Rock Columbia, we tell our campers “your voice is your most powerful instrument.” This is a time when we must use our voices–to cry out in sorrow and in joy, to sound a call to action, to promote accountability in our peers and in ourselves, and to plan a better and stronger future for us all.

Contact your representatives here! Tell them where you stand!

See who supports the decision to remove the flag at this live page and hold your leaders accountable! Call, email, send snail mail! Express your concerns.


Show us your POWER POSE!

Your body language tells people a lot about you. Some people even believe the way you carry yourself can change how your body functions. Power posing has been buzzed about since it was mentioned in Amy Cuddy’s influential 2012 Ted Talk. It can be, she explained, a powerful tool for success.

Girls Rock Columbia believes your power pose has the potential to awaken your self-confidence and inspire others to see the superstar within!

Says Executive Director Mollie Williamson, “We’re teaching the campers that they don’t have to apologize for holding their body confidently, and that it’s essential for them to make room for themselves in their communities.”



Mollie Williamson rocking the Girls Rock Columbia camp song at the Spring Fling GRC fundraiser for Midlands Gives. May, 2015


What is power? Is it defined by competition and domination, or is it something more? There is power in collaboration. There is power in vulnerability. There is power in celebrating those around you. For marginalized populations especially, there is power simply in daring to take up space in the world.

The very act of planting our feet and saying, “This is MY stake in the room/crowd/community and I BELONG here” is a defiant one–and needs to be engaged in daily.

Show us your power pose!

Upload a photo of your most powerful self to Facebook, Instagram and/ or Twitter and tag us! #GirlsRockColumbia or #GRCpowerpose

Galentine’s Day Happy Hour

“It’s only the best day of the year.” -Leslie Knope


Join us as we celebrate our sisters with a special Galentine’s Day Happy Hour at Jake’s on Devine.

Friday, February 13, 2015   4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Sip a cocktail with your bestie or come solo. Be ready to make some new friends and listen to some sweet lady jamz.

Dog-friendly! Girl positive! All the right things are happening here. Just bring your love for music, merriment and Girls Rock Columbia!


We Want to See YOU in the Spotlight!


March 28, 2015

We think our volunteers and supporters are rock stars! It’s time we get them onstage!

Women 18+

No music experience necessary!

In fact, we encourage people who have never been in a band to sign up!

Send us your info by January 19 and get ready to meet your new awesome band!

Please email the following to hello@ed6.349.myftpupload.com

1. Your name
2. Your phone number
3. Your first choice instrument
4. Your second choice instrument
5. If you need to borrow gear

Bands will be assigned by January 31 and Girls Rock Columbia YouTube tutorials will be available February 1 to help you get started.

Performance will be March 28 at New Brookland Tavern, time TBA, show is all ages.

Girls Rock and Your Mom

Applications are closed, and that means Girls Rock Columbia is even closer to rolling into  our second year of summer camp!

This year’s camp will take place on July 21st – July 25th. As you know, our one-week long day camp exists to foster a community of girls ages 8-17 through music, performance, and various workshops. The program specifically encourages an environment that cultivates self-confidence, challenges gender stereotypes, promotes positive female relationships, creativity, and leadership.

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up on May 11th, we are asking our community to donate in honor of their mother, or a mother figure in their lives. Donate any amount between now and Mother’s Day and share your story with us about how a mother has touched your life.

At Girls Rock Columbia we seek to empower women through mentorship and by providing role models; something we believe all mothers provide. What better way to honor a mother in your life, than by sharing her amazing story with our young campers! 

Here’s a story from one of our organizers and music instructors, Molly, about her Mom and how she influenced her:

“My mom is the person who thought I should have a guitar. She put me on a path (around the time this photo was taken) that I have never left. This summer Girls Rock Columbia is going to be working with a lot more girls – we have grown! We are a volunteer army of ladies who want to help your daughters experience this thing that is getting up and playing your own song. We are going to need a lot of microphones and guitars and drums and more! This Mother’s Day, any donation you can make (in honor of a mom-figure who encouraged you to follow your dream), helps us keep inspiring each other.”

Molly and her Mom

Molly and her Mom

Make a donation online (https://girlsrockcolumbia.org/) and share your story with us through social media.

Donate to Girls Rock Columbia in honor of your mom this week, make it your gift to her because camp will impart to our girls so many of the things that she has imparted to you, and to let her know how much she rocks.

Until next time, Rock On.


Girls Rock