GRC Camp Volunteers

Our camp is run almost exclusively by our amazing volunteers. We need all the help we can get from prepping food to moving gear to coaching bands! Whatever your calling, if you have a few hours to spare or are available for the entire week, please consider signing up to help us make GRC Camp 2021 a reality.

Sign me up!

  1. Review the volunteer positions and requirements listed below.
  2. Submit a Camp Volunteer Application which includes a $10* background check**.
  3. If you’d like to volunteer as a Workshop Facilitator, please review the suggested topic areas and submit a workshop proposal in addition to the volunteer application.

*Girls Rock Columbia strives to be accessible for all volunteers. If you are unable to pay the $10 fee, please contact us at and we will make arrangements to cover the cost for you.

**Girls Rock Columbia conducts background checks on volunteers filling particular jobs at camp. Background checks are conducted by an independent agency and include a Social Security trace, U.S. criminal search, and national sex offender registry search. All background check-related personal information is kept confidential by the agency. We recognize that background checks are a part of a larger system that surveils, criminalizes, and oppresses people, especially people of color, queer people, and people who are undocumented. Not having a social security number or having a criminal history will not automatically impact your ability to volunteer. In that case, we will contact you for further discussion.

COVID-19 Update:

Thanks to reduced cases in COVID-19 and greater vaccination availability, we are excitedly planning an in-person camp this year. We continue to monitor health trends and are closely following CDC guidelines in preparation of gathering in person. However, in the case that it is no longer safe for us to hold camp in-person, volunteer commitments may be subject to change. Details on our 2020 virtual volunteering model can be found in blue below. Please email us at with any questions about volunteering this year! 

Working with Campers

Band Coach

The campers form their bands on the first day of camp—that’s when your work begins! As a Band Coach, you will provide guidance in all aspects of working as a collaborative creative time. This role involves helping your band:

  • set up and tune instruments
  • write songs
  • learn how to play together
  • figure out stage moves, etc.

* Virtual volunteering: support your band as they rock out together via BandLab and build their own new verse of the camp song!

Camp Counselor

As a Camp Counselor, you will serve as a mentor for an assigned group of campers. Counselors must be available during camp week, Monday-Friday, 8:45am-6pm. No music experience is necessary. This role involves:

  • participating in games and skits
  • making sure campers are where they need to be at all times
  • accompanying campers between classrooms
  • offering advice and help throughout the day

*Virtual volunteering: facilitate relationship building among campers over Zoom as they meet for band practice, workshops, and just to hang out!

Instrument Instructor

As an Instrument Instructor, you will teach campers how to play one of the following musical instruments: electric guitar, electric bass, drums, keyboard, or vocals. Instructors must be available during camp week, Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm. Music experience is necessary. This role involves:

  • planning lessons with other teachers
  • teaching campers a new instrument
  • creating a supportive learning environment for campers

*Virtual volunteering: our campers will all be using BandLab to make music this year. If you have experience using this, or creating music on a cloud-based platform, consider signing up and supporting band coaches!

Workshop Facilitator

As a workshop facilitator, you will provide a one-hour lesson to campers on a topic relevant to our mission and must have experience in your chosen topic. Sample workshop topics include: songwriting, self-defense, media literacy, home recording, etc. No music experience necessary. Workshop facilitators must be available to teach 1 or 2 one-hour sessions on their scheduled day. Workshop facilitators must submit a workshop proposal in addition to a volunteer application and be prepared to meet with a Camp Organizer to discuss curriculum before camp. This role involves:

  • developing lessons plans
  • presenting the workshop to groups of campers organized by age
  • co- and/or team-teaching during the workshop

*Virtual volunteering: all workshops will be offered remotely, with pre-recorded content, delivered material packets, and live Zoom discussions. 

Posi Posse

We all need a little extra positivity sometimes! The Posi Posse will make and hang artwork, get campers hyped during assemblies, and keep the energy going during down time! All Camp Volunteers are expected to support the Posi Posse as able during camp.

*Virtual volunteering: Sign up for afternoon shifts to preserve virtual space for campers to chat, ask questions, and get to know one another!

Licensed Clinical Counselor

On the occasion that a personal issue arises for campers, you will be available to talk with them and/or refer them to services if needed. This role has a flexible schedule.

Licensed Nurse

A licensed nurse is needed on-site all week. You will provide health care services to campers if needed. This role has a flexible schedule.

Behind the Scenes

Tech Crew

*Virtual volunteering: This team emerged out of necessity during at-home camp. Help parents and campers troubleshoot access to our camp platforms, problem-solve when things just don’t seem to be working just right, and be on-call for any tech-related support. This role has a flexible schedule!

Food Crew

Snacks are donated for the campers to enjoy twice daily. As a Food Crew member, you will pick up food donations, go on supply runs and prepare food as needed. This role has a flexible schedule.

Gear Crew

Help us set up, break down and move equipment throughout the week. No music experience necessary. This role has a flexible schedule.

Front Desk Volunteer

This role assists with the daily camper check-in and check-out. As a Front Desk Volunteer, you will also monitor visitors, coordinate in-camp communication, provide directions, answer questions, and (possibly) sell showcase tickets. This role has a flexible schedule.


You’re a go-to! This role helps with last-minute needs, i.e. running to make copies or the hardware store, filling in if another volunteer can’t make their shift, and help out as situations arise. This role has a flexible schedule.

Showcase Support

We need hands on deck to sell tickets and merch, fold programs, and help ensure that all aspects of the showcase concert run smoothly. Must be available on the Saturday of camp.

If you have any questions about volunteering at Camp, reach out to us at