Sustain our Sounds!

Monthly support from our biggest fans makes a huge impact on the amount of services and programming we can provide to the youth in our community. By becoming a GRC sustainer, you’ll help us fund camp AND launch a new year-round music program.

Setting up regular donations through PayPal is easy, and it will help us work towards creating gender equality in music. The future of music in Columbia will be better thanks to people like you!

Monthly Donations

We offer four different levels of monthly donation subscriptions to make giving accessible to all:

♥ Camp Crusader—$100/month
Your donation of $100 per month can have a HUGE impact. Each year, our Camp Crusaders donate enough to provide FULL camp tuition for 3 low-income campers—this is SO important to us because we strive to provide the Girls Rock experience to campers of ALL socio-economic backgrounds. Additionally, our Camp Crusader donors give us the ability to hold bigger and better events throughout the year for youth, volunteers, and the public. These events in turn give us more fundraising opportunities, which keep our non-profit up, running, and giving back to our community.

♥ Gear Guardian—$40/month
Donations of $40 per month help us provide the music-making essentials to our campers—GEAR! This includes everything from guitar picks, amp cords, and drum sticks to equipment and instruments like microphones, amps, guitars, keyboards, drums, and more!

♥ Workshop Warrior—$15/month
Your donation of $15 per month can really help our yearly workshops bloom. This is how we provide our youth with workshops to expand their creativity and confidence beyond music, from ‘Body Positivity’ and ‘Self Defense’ to ‘How to Create a Music Video’.

♥ Glitter + Glue—$5/month
Five bucks a month can provide all kinds of craft supplies we need to get our youth engaged during camp and various events throughout the year, from glitter and glue to t-shirt screen printing materials, markers, construction paper, and more!