Hash It or Trash It

At Girls Rock Columbia, we work to provide a safe space where campers can explore their identities and express themselves–to recognize that these young women are real people with real ideas and, often, really strong feelings about those ideas. The question that frequently arises, then, is what do we do when those ideas and feelings that these girls express so powerfully clash? How does one make themselves heard while also maintaining the harmony of a happy, productive band?

Photo taken by Girls Rock Columbia camper

Photo taken by Girls Rock Columbia camper

To be a happy band, you have to be able to get along and accept other people’s ideas. If you disagree, you have to figure out a solution so you can stay in harmony. People don’t always agree and that is ok. One of the biggest challenges for all of us is to take a difficult situation and make it better.

By now, you probably know that Girls Rock camp is about more than music education. We want to empower girls and we feel super lucky if our guidance helps them reach their goals. At Girls Rock Columbia, we have a phrase:


Hash it or Trash it



Pretty simple, right? We think you should speak your mind, but we understand that you might be uncomfortable sharing your feelings. If you don’t want to express yourself, then accept the situation as it is and move on. No hard feelings. No whispers in the hallway. No rumors.

Conflict resolution is an important life skill. A wise person sees obstacles as something to overcome and not something to be limited by. The same goes for communication. We don’t allow other people the opportunity to really understand us, or to help us reach a solution, when we aren’t open about our struggles and our feelings. As girls and women, we are stronger when we are brave together.

Can you remember the last time you were really upset by someone? What did you do about it? Maybe Hash it or Trash it will help you next time.